These concern in particular citizens – Swedes and other EU citizens residing in the UK, as well as Britons here in Sweden. The regulation means that their situation is unlikely to change and that Swedes currently living in the UK will be able to continue to live, work, study and retire there. The agreement covers all issues that affect citizens in their daily lives, i.e. residence rights and social security benefits such as social security, medical and health care, pensions, unemployment insurance, student allowances and various forms of family benefits. The recognition of diplomas and other professional qualifications is also covered. In addition, the Withdrawal Agreement regulates the UK`s contributions to the EU budget. The deal means the UK will pay as a member for the current long-term entire budget by the end of 2020. 2 For more information on the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, see: This therefore applies not only to those who were living in Sweden at the time of the effective withdrawal, but also to those who come to Sweden during the transition period. To some extent, however, the Withdrawal Agreement needs to be supplemented by provisions of Swedish law. These are citizens` rights with regard to the right of the British nationals concerned and their families to continue to travel, live and work in Sweden after their withdrawal. The UK has a double taxation treaty with Sweden to ensure that you do not pay taxes on the same income in both countries. Rules of understanding and interpretation of the agreement.

It specifies that they have the same legal force in the EU as in the United Kingdom. The rules have direct effect, which means that, if they are precise and clear, they can be invoked by individuals directly before national courts. Union legal concepts shall be interpreted in accordance with Union law and taking into account the practice of the Court of Justice of the European Union. Update on withdrawal from the EU: new information in the Residence and visa zone section on the draft Withdrawal Agreement in principle between the UK and the EU. More information on travelling with pets in Europe in the Pets section. If you have not yet applied for a residence permit, you must prove that you reside in Sweden. This may include a 2020 rental agreement or utility bill on your behalf. In addition to the transition period, the Withdrawal Agreement also regulates a number of other issues that need to be addressed following the UK`s withdrawal.

The Withdrawal Agreement contains 185 articles and three protocols. It contains the following parts. You can request proof of the time you have worked in the UK from HMRC if requested. For more information, read our guidelines on healthcare when travelling to Europe and tips on travel insurance abroad. .