SUBCONTRACTING Subcontracting, concession or sublease are not allowed in whole or in part of the property. Any act to the contrary by the tenant invalidates this agreement and may terminate this lease at the choice of the owner. Termination of a 24-hour rental agreement is allowed in extreme situations, for example. B when the tenant represents a danger to himself and to others. When is the rent due? In the State of Oregon, rent is payable, without request or notification at the time and place agreed to by the parties in the lease agreement. And unless otherwise stated, the rent is due at the beginning of a period of one month or less. Identification (§ 90.305) – The owner must indicate the name and address of a manager or a person authorized to act on his behalf. This information must be contained in the rental agreement. The document indicates how much rent the tenant must pay monthly and the amount of the deposit as well as all other costs to be expected. Monthly Lease – Offers more flexibility compared to a fixed-term lease. Either the landlord or the tenant can terminate the contract until they delay one (1) month with a delay. Oregon lease agreements are documents that establish a legally binding relationship in which consistent payments are exchanged for the right to use residential or commercial real estate. Contracts are concluded between a landlord (the “Lessor”) and tenants (the “Tenants”).

The average rental period is twelve (12) months, although the contract may be treated in such a way as to reflect any length desired by the parties. The contracts cover different topics that concern both parties, such as rents, care obligations, pets, installation, non-payment, deposit, rental rights and much more. The following model lease describes a contract between “owner” Jessica Jones and “tenant” Amy Rey. She agrees to rent one semi-detached house per month in Portland starting June 20, 2017 for US$1,200 per month. The tenant undertakes to pay all ancillary costs and services of the premises. Oregon three (3) days in advance to terminate due to non-payment of rent, is used by landlords if a tenant fails to pay rent on time….