Calling is the best way to keep your potential losses low. The limitation of liability for unauthorized transfers is set by the agreement between you and your financial institution, but must not exceed the amounts described below: with a few exceptions, as mentioned in this section, Wells Fargo does not set limits for funds you may receive from other members. For Wells Fargo account bookings, where a Wells Fargo member transfers money directly with your account number and not with your cell phone number or email address on your deposit account, you can receive up to $10,000 per day per account. In addition, the funds you may receive from another member may be limited by existing card network rules, member transfer agreements or separate member transfer agreements. Subject to applicable law, The Cell may modify or modify this service contract from time to time (including all service charges) by publishing, at its sole discretion, updated conditions in the mobile cellular application and on (individually or collectively called “Website”). Please consult regularly and read this service agreement. If you find the service contract unacceptable at any time, immediately terminate your profile and cell registration and immediately stop using the Services. Your continued access to the cell`s website or the use of the Services after changing, modifying or changing the terms of this Service Agreement is your consent and acceptance of this change, change or change. B. Your use of the service is subject at all times to the terms of this service agreement. The transfer of money you send or receive via the use of the Service is also subject to the terms of your account agreement with your financial institution. You declare that (a) you are at least 18 years old (or you are under the age of 18 and you are registered with your account with a network financial institution and/or debit card that allows you to use the cell under the terms of your agreement with that financial institution), (b) you are authorized to authorize debits and credits from the registered bank account and, if applicable, you are the holder of the eligible card. The registration and use of cell services are subject to the terms and conditions of the cell users` service agreement, in modified form from time to time.

You can control how and when you want to receive notifications from us by following the instructions in the messages we`ve received and updating your settings in the Mobile Cell app. To disable marketing messages from us, use the options in the messages we send or send an email request to You should not disable administrative emails (for example. B, emails related to your transactions or policy changes) for your registered profile. You can request the cancellation of your profile and registration to the cell by speaking to a customer service agent at 844.428.8542 (from 8 a.m. to midnight is, except New Year, Thanksgiving and Christmas). However, if you do, however, your ability to use the service will end immediately. SHE REALIZES AND AGREES THAT IF WELLS FARGO IS A TRANSFER OF FUNDS FROM OR IN HER ACCOUNT, WELLS FARGO IS YOUR AGENT, NOT AS THE AGENT OR ON A THIRD PARTY. You agree that Wells Fargo, its affiliates, service providers and partners are entitled to rely on the authorization you have given in this addendum, the agency and the power of attorney.