Hello Mya, your TD Visa Infinite Aeroplan visa would cover this cancellation as long as you have used the credit card to pay for it, and you have booked the trip before the time the global travel advice for COVID_19 came into effect and you do not fall under normal exclusions for coverage (this may be online in pdf or in the cardholder contract and the benefits guide that came with your credit card) can be found. Your mother is considered a travel hostess as long as she travels with you and has a ticket, but you paid for it on your Aeroplan Infinite Visa. All travel withdrawal requests are assessed on an individual basis. Stay patient and calm and call: if I am the secondary holder of this visa (my husband is not primary), but I did not use it to buy my plane ticket, am I still insured for travel health insurance and lost luggage or flight delays? In the end, the best way to earn points for ExpediaForTD.com trips. In general, prices on the site are similar to those of the Main Expedia site, and you will be able to trade with a price of 200 points for $1. If you pay points for trips outside the TD portal, your points lose up to 25% of their value; However, this could be a smarter route if you find a very good offer on another travel portal. You meet the first criterion, but not the second, so we think it`s best to call TD and ask them about the bonus before making assumptions or trying to achieve an expense target that doesn`t give you anything extraordinary. Tell us if we are on the right track or if we have misunderstood how you get the card, because it could change things! Does everyone know what is covered when a flight is cancelled by the airline due to bad weather at the destination? The hotel we booked always charged us for the first night as we didn`t inform 72 hours. In addition, we have booked Broadway tickets for a performance for the next day, but we probably won`t make it.

Hello Ron, Unfortunately, only flights that were booked prior to the publication of the World Travel Council (March 13, 2020), are even for refunds due to COVID_19. For other cancellation reasons, you will find in your service contract your card which is Googlable. The COVID-19 FAQ is also available in the travel insurance section of TD`s website. If you have accepted a voucher for your cancelled flights, you cannot qualify for cancellation insurance because you have already accepted a value. If you are looking for a card that offers people under 75 medical care and travel interruption and cancellation together, then we have two suggestions.