May 25, 2018 Teamsters` usus national bargaining committee received the first economic proposal from UPS this week and the union will respond in the next round of negotiations. The company`s action comes after the trade union committee made its first economic proposal in the last round of negotiations at the end of April. This week, the eighth week of negotiations, […] May 18, 2018 The following letter was mailed and distributed to all of our UPS and UPS Freight members asking them to vote YES to authorize a strike: An open letter to 174 upS members and UPS Freight (Treasurery-Treasurer Rick Hicks) As you may have heard, the time is […] December 4, 2017 On Friday, December 1, 2017, UPS informed the Teamsters that they intended to set up a 70-hour/8-day week for driver delivery hours in accordance with DOT regulations. The following letter was sent by international Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa to UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney on February 5, 2019 Ups Teamsters, which are covered by the Upstate and Western New York Supplement, have ratified the agreement. The vote took place in recent weeks and the votes were counted today. Four other supplements remain on hold: Central Pennsylvania; West Pennsylvania; Local 804; 243 Metro Detroit. The national agreement can only enter into force if all […] 11 November 2018 The International Union of Teamsters will ensure compliance with the terms of the contract (WASHINGTON) – UPS Freight employees represented by the Union of Teamsters have ratified a new five-year agreement that was the company`s last, best and last offer to avoid a national strike. Members approved the contract at 77 percent […] An Open Letter to 174 Local Members to UPS (Secretary-Treasury Rick Hicks) As you have all heard, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has reached an “agreement in principle” with UPS management on the National Contract Section. This is not called an “attempt to agree” because we continue to […] Date: November 11, 2018 12:30 p.m.

Click above for more information. 29 June 2018 Since last week`s agreement in principle with UPS on the national UPS agreement, negotiations on endorsements have been planned. As stated in the update of the previous contract (21 June), endorsements must first be resolved and approved by local UPS unions.