Which products are exclusively produced or distributed in this business relationship? Sometimes a buyer becomes the sole distributor of everything a seller does for a geographic area, but there are more often exclusive agreements around a product or product line that the buyer can sell exclusively to a particular location. The same can be said for a product designed by the buyer. The seller may become the sole manufacturer of this product, or the buyer can use multiple sellers to create his product design. Define the products included and also those that are not included in the agreement. The parties agree that during this exclusivity agreement and a one-year period to terminate or conclude this agreement, the contracting parties refrain from any comment or statement, written or oral, that could denigrate or damage the image of the other party or damage the image of the other party. The customer accepts that, for the duration of the agreement [or a shorter or longer period], the manufacturer is the sole manufacturer [of products manufactured under this agreement[ or listing certain products for the [specific] industry, unless, in all cases, that contract is terminated by the manufacturer for any reason or by the customer without indication or (ii) the manufacturer cannot continue to supply the products to the This agreement; ordered and agreed. in terms of pricing. PandaTip: This section of the proposal prevents any party from assigning its rights and obligations to another party without prior authorization, in accordance with the terms of this agreement. Who designed the product or line to which the exclusivity agreement refers? When the term of the contract ends, the party who provided the original design is the owner of the design rights.

For example, the seller may develop a line of jewelry that the brand buyer discovers during a shopping trip. The buyer wishes to be the sole distributor of the seller`s products in the United States, so that he enters into an exclusive distribution agreement. If the term of the contract expires, if it is not renewed, the seller owns these drawings and can sell them to someone else in the United States. On the other hand, a buyer can create a design and specify the design specifications. The buyer can have his design tested by several groups of craftsmen. As soon as they find the right craft company to produce their design, they enter into an exclusive agreement with this seller. When the term of the agreement ends, it is the buyer who owns the rights to the design and who can have his product produced by another artisanal company, if he has chosen to do so. If you are dealing with a mix of design rights, some belong to the seller and others to the buyer, I suggest listing the designs that belong to each party if they represent an important part of your business.