Our CBI members travel to help Albertans with special needs lead more independent lives every day. You are the backbone of our community. Nevertheless, the LPNs and HCAs worked for wages well below provincial market standards. We are pleased that they are reaching a collective agreement that better reflects their value and the value of their customers. If the most underserved people in our neighbourhoods are protected, everyone benefits. Health workers working in the lodges and in the commune received copies of the agreement with a ballot paper. Members will mail their votes to AUPE headquarters using the prepaid envelope in the voting package. Votes must reach the seat by March 15, otherwise they will not be counted. The CBI group of companies includes CBI, CBI Home Health, We Care Home Health Services, Monarch House, CBI Workplace Solutions and CBI Assessment Services. Our expanding network for the management of transitional and housing units now has more than 80 units at the federal level.

“We are pleased to welcome CBI Health Group employees to our growing union. MEMBERSHIP in CUPE is one of the best decisions workers can make to improve their work and ensure fair work,” said Tom Graham, President of CUPE Saskatchewan. “We will fight with our new members for fair wages and a legally binding collective agreement.” -FIRST CONTRACT: HEARINGS CONTINUE/BARGAINING RESUMES CBI is at a standstill, so it is important that members maintain the pressure necessary to reach a first fair collective agreement. If you have specific questions about the interim agreement or ratification, please contact the CBI negotiating team: About CBI Health Group CBI Health Group is the largest integrated municipal health network in Canada. In more than 250 facilities, our services are provided by a dedicated team of more than 12,000 people, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractics, language pathologists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and behavioral therapists. Through We Care At We Care, we understand that seniors and others who need care and support enjoy a better quality of life if they continue to live in a familiar environment. That`s why we`ve developed the most professional, compassionate and caring Homecare program in Canada. CBI Health Group is a Canadian health care provider that manages several residences and halfway houses in Saskatoon. The new bargaining unit will include nearly 200 employees working in Saskatoon as babysitters, community facilitators, licensed nurse practitioners and homeworkers.

CBI is blocked, so it is important that members maintain the pressure necessary to reach a first fair collective agreement. Last month, CBI contradicted AUPE`s request for arbitration to the Alberta Labour Relations Council (ALRB). THE ALRB hearings will continue and negotiations will continue on 17 and 18 January. VANCOUVER, B.C., Friday, August 11, 2017 – We Care Home Health Services has reached an interim agreement with its 221 employees in the municipalities of Abbotsford and Maple Ridge to avoid a strike that was expected to begin before the weekend. If you are a member of the CBI, before you vote, there are two opportunities to ask questions and learn more about your preliminary agreement: then they will elect a local executive and a bargaining committee to negotiate a first collective agreement. It has been a long and bumpy road, but after three and a half years of negotiations without the protection of a collective agreement, our members of the CBI have come to one of the ways to build a collective force in the workplace by refusing to accept terms and conditions of employment that would harm their most vulnerable members.